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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is completely fictional. Any similarity to real world people is completely casual.. or should I say random? Anyway... Don't take it personal, shut up and enjoy! ^^

# Chapter One
## Introductions

"There you are!" Said the Guayack to K.C. who was chilling by the Meetpoint at the Zürich Main Station.
K.C. was a young and very pretty girl in her teenage years. She wore a black hood, some jeans and was carrying a small purse. I can't tell if that purse is black with red stripes or red with black stripes but Guayacks don't care anyway.
"Yeah! Hi... Who the fuck are you?" She asked.
"I'm a Guayack! I'm the incarnation of all the stupid thoughts you might have or not have. I can be the funny little variety in your everyday life or the darkest shadows of your soul showing themselves. The decision is yours! Love me or Hate me, but you'll never get rid of me. Muhahahaha!"
K.C. ignored it.
Not much time passed and K.C.'s friend L., a young blonde partygirl wich was having way too much fun experimenting with marihuana, showed up.
"Hey K.C.! How are you?" L. asked.
Just as K.C. was about to answer, the Guayack took K.C., carried her to some unknown people and yelled: "That's K.C.!".
Randomly enough, the unknown people where P.K. and A.D., two gamer boys, who wanted to spend the evening meeting people at the station. Their prayers got heard, it seams.
"Hi, K.C.!" A.D. said. "I'm A.D..". He gave her his hand but K.C. was definitly not in the mood to play. She never is...
As she walked away, the boys just stalked her back to L..
"What the fuck, K.C.?! You are no fun to play with..." The Guayack said.
K.C.s reaction was not much of a reaction after all. Anyway, P.K. interrupted that nothing by saying:
"What the hell are you?". He was refering to the Guayack.

Guayacks: Incorporation of thoughts, wishes and fears. They often assume the form of a doll in sizes between 50cm and 1m even if they can assume every form they care enough about to want to assume it. They can make themselves invisible, are able to fly and very likely to be seriously childish.

The Guayack looked him into the eyes. It was on a trip through P.K.s mind and its expression looked very serious. This went on for about a minute and P.K.s expression became less and less relaxed. He started to realize what he had in front and was trying to find some way he could get this situation back under his control. He became more and more frightened by the little white doll with its big head and small body.. by its eyes that seemed to be doors to another universe with its own, never seen, level of deep darkness.
The Guayack started shaking and in the moment of biggest tension between it and P.K. he grabbed L., flew to the center of the hall taking her with it, placed her on the ground and exclaimed:
"It's time for nude fotography!".
Just as the Guayack was transforming into a full HD camera, a schoolbag hit it and the two things slammed against the trash bin next to the Burger King.
N., a strange guy with a flair for electric guitars and informatics, had joined the scene and, after he saw what was going on, he decided to put an end to the Guayacks wildness by throwing his bag at it. What he realized just in that moment was that he left his laptop inside the bag which is most likely dead by now.
"Fuuuuuuuuck!" He yelled loud enough for EVERYONE to hear.
What happened next was a reflex that K.C., P.K., A.D. and L. never knew they had trained.
All of them, including the Guayack, took their stuff and desappeard in different directions. (This is going to happen a lot from now on...)

# End of Chapter One... to be continued!


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